Safe, Gentle Drug-Free Hypnotherapy

Over the past 12 years as a Certified Hypnotherapist, I have helped over 1500 people change their lives for the better. They came from all kinds of circumstances–rich, poor, in between–and all sizes, colors, and genders. They brought with them their struggles, hopes and fears. Each one had a unique and fascinating story. Their journeys with me were all different. 

  Each one was a teacher to me. I began to notice patterns emerge. I saw that each one was seeking more well-being and connection. I began to think that, despite all our differences, every human being is striving for well-being and connection through every thought, emotion and action. Our strategies to get our basic needs met are often clumsy, awkward and sometimes don’t work at all.  

    It seems to me that we are all grappling with one universal dilemma: Despite what we want, each of us experiences periods of pain, loss, and misfortune throughout our lives. This central human experience causes endless problems to for us. Sometimes the problems are too big to handle on our own. 

     Through practicing hypnotherapy, I’ve seen overwhelming evidence of the problem-solving power inside our own subconscious minds. I’ve learned how to help people find their inner power, use it, and enjoy the benefits of it. If you’d like to know how I can help you, please let me know by scheduling a free consultation. I would love to talk with you and, possibly, have the opportunity to help you too. 

    Ruth Anne Lundeberg  

Arizona, 2017

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