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Specializing in Weight Loss, Anxiety, Smoking, Insomnia and Life Issues

Ruth Anne Lundeberg, Certified Hypnotherapist


  "I've helped HUNDREDS of people with EVERY TYPE of issue--

I can help you too!!"

One-on-one and confidential.

Safe and Drug Free.

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Saturday, September 5

I am traveling and the office is closed until 9/5. In the meantime I am taking bookings for early September right now. So please call, text or email NOW and I will respond as soon as I can. If you wait until I return to contact me there may be a waiting period before I can see you.)

Affordable: sliding scale fees-you choose your rate. Pay one session at a time. Charge and debit cards welcome. 

Accessible: Reduced rates for students, disabled, and unemployed. Handicap accessible office on first floor in downtown Northampton.

Convenient: Early morning, daytime, evening and weekend times. You decide how many sessions you want to do.

Easy: book your free consultation or session via phone or text. Quick response guaranteed.  413-561-6696

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I teach people how to tap into the power of their own minds for positive change.
-I am a Certified Hypnotherapist; Certified NLP practitioner, Certified Past Life Regression therapist; Certified Inner Mind Sourcing Practitioner. I am a full-time professional in private practice.  I've facilitated thousands of  successful hypnosis sessions with people from all walks of life.  
-Women, men and teens welcome.
-Hundreds of satisfied clients!
-I work quickly so you get results in fewer sessions, saving you time and money.
Cancellation Policy:

Whether you book a consultation or a session, I hold that hour exclusively FOR YOU. (Others will be turned away.)  I may not be able to give  you another appointment if you cancel or reschedule less than 48 hours in advance.  In the event of illness, emergency or severe weather, same-day rescheduling is acceptable if you schedule your next appointment immediately.

Just SOME of the ways I can help:
If you are living with pain that has resisted medical treatment, I help people with that.

If you need lose weightI help people with that.

If you are gambling, I help people with that.

If you procrastinate,  I help people with that.

If you are overwhelmed,  I help people with that.

If you are gambling, I help people with that.

If you have compulsive behaviorI help people with that.

If you are anxiousI help people with that.

If you have chronic pain,  I help people with that.

If you want to perform better at work, school, or sportI help people with that.

If you are struggling in a current relationshipI help people with that.

If you are suffering from limiting anxiety, fears, or phobiasI help people with that.

If you are trying to find someone to be in a relationship with, I help people with that.

If you need more restful sleepI help people with that.

If you need to make an important life decisionI help people with that.

If your life is out of balanceI help people with that.

If you procrastinate or lack motivationI help people with that.

If you are too busy to breathe, I help people with that.

If your daily life is exhaustingI help people with that.

If you are trying to come to terms with the pastI help people with that.

If you want to have more control over your life, I help people with that.

If you want to get more out of lifeI help people with that.


My name is Ruth Anne Lundeberg and I am a professional hypnotherapist with extensive training in both hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Utilizing my skills and your untapped abilities, together we can change your life for the better.

My clients get positive results quickly and entirely without unpleasant side effects, chemicals, or months of ongoing sessions.  I have performed thousands of successful sessions with hundreds of satisfied clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Get started now! Call or text me, Ruth Anne ANYTIME at 413-561-6696.  

I promise to be honest and ethical at all times.  I promise to draw on all of my abilities and training to bring about the best results for you as quickly as possible. I promise to listen to your concerns and address them directly.   I promise to empower you by teaching you skills and concepts you can use on your own.

Hypnosis is a natural, easy and safe mental capacity to access a supercharged state of mind and body that healing and empowering on all levels.  

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) has been defined as "The study of human excellence."  NLP techniques empower my clients to update and upgrade their internal experience and produce extraordinary results. By combining hypnosis and NLP I can help people with more different subtle and complex issues while still getting rapid results. 

During your session with me you will feel relaxed and at peace. You will have no problems getting into hypnosis. You will maintain control.

Your success with hypnosis will be determined by your readiness for change and the skill of your therapist. Because you are a unique individual, the better your therapist can address your specific needs the better your outcome will be.  All of my clients receive 100% personalized and confidential treatment directly from me.  Every session is tailored to the individual and employs a rich variety of proven methods.

Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years because it really works.

I coach my clients how to create their own positive mental programming, find answers, and get results. Therefore they experience resolution of their issue AND greatly enhanced levels of well-being.

Whether you want to lose weight, stop procrastination, improve relationships, get rid of a phobia, reduce stress, stop smoking, sleep better, or increase confidence, one-on-one hypnosis with me could be the fastest and most cost effective method you will find.

I can help with a huge variety of problems because I adapt the techniques to each individual.

When I’m talking with folks of all kinds, and they mention a problem or issue they are struggling with, very often I am in a position to be of real service to them. I am privileged to be able to honestly say again and again, “I help people with that.”

    • What do you need help with? Come talk with me. Likely I’ll be able to say “I help people with that.”

I would be happy to talk with you about how I would use hypnotherapy to address your specific situation. I offer a free 20 minute consultation in my office. I will tell you honestly if I think I can help and how. I will answer any questions you might have about hypnosis. I will give you a good idea how many sessions you will need and what you can expect from them. There is no obligation on your part but if you want to stay for a session, you can. Call or text to set up your consultation.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Northampton serving Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts and New England

Ruth Anne Lundeberg, Certified Hypnotherapist

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