Specializing in Weight Loss, Anxiety, Smoking, and Life Issues

Welcome! Would you like to experience the power of your mind for positive change? I've helped hundreds of people improve the quality of their lives through my safe, gentle approach to hypnotherapy. Find out how I can help you!

Looking for a change in your habits? A personal breakthrough? A solution to a stubborn problem? THE ANSWER IS WITHIN YOU! I offer a free consultation for you to ask questions, meet me in person, and see my office. If you like you can stay for a session or schedule one at a future time. No pressure! I even offer a money-back guarantee: if you are not satisfied with a session, I will refund your money. Hypnosis is safe, natural and time-tested. It works for lots of people, and it can work for you too! CALL OR TEXT ANYTIME at 413-561-6696.

I use proven techniques--the same as those used by other highly effective hypnotherapists all over the world. These techniques work with your brain to help you re-direct and reconnect your thinking so that your emotions, desires and choices line up with your goals. These techniques are supported by recent research using real-time brain imaging.

Will I be under someone else's control? No! I use a variety of effective techniques to help you tap into the power of your own mind. I help individuals eliminate bad habits, have better quality emotions, release old trauma, get motivated, reduce/eliminate pain, improve their physical appearance, erase limiting fears and phobias--and a whole lot more, thanks to the limitless power of the human brain--the most sophisticated structure in the known universe!

How many sessions will it take? You decide how many sessions you want to do. Often only one or two sessions are needed to get the desired result.

Where is your office?  I have a first-floor handiap accessible office at 35 State Street, Northampton. That's next to India House Restaurant. 

How long does a session take? Usually, just an hour.

What will it cost? I offer a sliding scale, so clients choose their own rate. Most pay between $100-$150 a session, but students, disabled and unemployed people can pay less.

Do you accept cards or insurance? I accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards. Some Health Savings Account cards will work too. I don't bill insurance, but many companies will reimburse for my services.



"Since working with Ruth Anne, I finished graduate school and have continued to conquer the fears that were overwhelming me. I'm deeply thankful for this change!"-Briana

"I felt safe with Ruth Anne and after a handful of sessions my anxiety decreased. Since working with Ruth Anne I've attained goals I would not thought possible a year ago." -Kelli

Next available appointments:

Wed 12/2 at 1pm

Monday 12/7 at 1,2,7,and 8pm

Tuesday 12/8 at 2,3,4,and 5pm

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You're going to love hypnosis...because I help you tap into the power of your own mind for positive change.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist; Certified NLP practitioner, Certified Past Life Regression therapist; Certified Inner Mind Sourcing Practitioner. I am a full-time professional in private practice. I've facilitated thousands of successful hypnosis sessions with people from all walks of life.

These are just SOME of the issues I've helped my clients resolve:

  • overweight/obesity/binge eating
  • negative body image
  • lack of interest in exercise
  • sugar addiction
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • smoking (tobacco and marijuana)
  • gambling addiction
  • fear of intimacy
  • fear of public speaking
  • emotional and/or physical trauma
  • fear of the dentist
  • fear of medical procedures like needles, surgery, anasthesia, etc.
  • fear of giving birth
  • fainting at the sight of blood
  • hair pulling
  • procrastination
  • lack of motivation
  • "choking" in sports
  • stage fright
  • testing anxiety/poor scores
  • bad grades in school
  • unable to finish dissertation
  • the "yips" in golf
  • problems in relationship
  • infertility
  • anxiety
  • fear of heights, stairs, ledges
  • fear of driving, flying, traveling away from home
  • lack of prosperity
  • longstanding anger/resentment
  • emotional challenges due to separation/divorce
  • negative self image
  • lack of confidence
  • poor concentration
  • grief
  • writer's block
  • picky eating
  • lack of following through
  • time wasting
  • can't find a job
  • lack of focus or purpose
  • working too much
  • overwhelmed/can't say no

I work with you to remove obstacles and access your potential.  I am confident you will be very pleased our work and your results.

*Disclaimer: The hypnosis I provide in person or by recording is not for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition. It is for personal growth, education, self-improvement, relaxation, pleasure and enjoyment.

If you are suffering from a medical or psychological condition of any kind seek out the advice of a qualified licensed medical and/or psychological professional.

Ruth Anne Lundeberg, Certified Hypnotherapist, does not practice medicine or psychology. She practices only hypnotherapy which lies outside the scope of medicine or psychotherapy.

Where it is implied on this site that you will achieve a desired result; does not guarantee you'll have that result. Your results may vary.


Cancellation Policy:

Whether you book a consultation or a session, I hold that hour exclusively FOR YOU. (Others will be turned away.) I may not be able to give you another appointment if you cancel or reschedule less than 48 hours in advance. In the event of illness, emergency or severe weather, same-day rescheduling is acceptable if you schedule your next appointment immediately.

Ruth Anne Lundeberg, Certified Hypnotherapist, 35 State Street, Northampton, MA, 413-561-6696 (phone or text, anytime)