Hypnotherapy for Worry



        With hypnotherapy I assist many people to overcome chronic worrying. When they begin their minds are anxious. Their bodies are contracted. Their faces are strained. Many are worried about the economy and the future. When they finish they are relaxed and positive. The following are key concepts that can help anyone break loost from the worry habit. 

       We all want security and abundance for ourselves and our families.  Fear of lack is understandable when our economy is in a nosedive, as it appears to be now. Fear is actually a helpful mechanism of our ancient brain designed to mobilize us to change our circumstances.

      What can any of us do to improve the ecomonic climate? Who can stop the price of everything from rising? While some may be be able to work harder or smarter or longer hours to bring in extra money, and some may be able to live more frugally, there are many more who are already living at the edge.

      Trends don’t turn around all at once. Improvment takes time. Meanwhile, not knowing what else to do, our minds swirl with frightening thoughts. Worry is a mental strategy to cope with those thoughts.  If worry could make us feel better we’d be all set. But of course it doesn’t solve anything. In truth, worrying makes us feel much, much worse. In time, our worry breaks down our bodies and crushes our spirits.

    So, what to do about worry? Worry is a habit, like any other. We learn it as children. We practice until it becomes automatic. If we recognize worry as the real problem, we can learn from it. We can listen to what it’s telling us. We can think critically about it. We can challenge what it’s telling us. We can stop believing in worry. We can get down to work improving what’s within our own reach. Then nothing can prevent us from becoming who we want to be.