“Ruth Anne helped me twice, first for a gambling addiction that I thought would destroy my life, then several years later for procrastination. The answers are truly within and she can help you find them.”
— Naomi N


“Ruth Anne was recommended to me by a specialist at a Boston Brain Injury Center as I was experiencing great difficulty with migraines, memory, communication, a vision disorder, and healing after a traumatic brain injury (skiing accident). I had brain damage in 2 places and nerve damage in 4. Ruth Anne helped me move forward faster, with less pain and to a better place in life than I was pre-brain injury. She helped me get through my wedding day when I was still a wreck and between her assistance and adrenaline I experienced little to no symptoms (a typical day at that time included slurred speech, confusion, vomiting and debilitating migraines). I went to her for relief and expedited healing and was blown away at the positive results I experienced in those areas and more. She guided me to envision and find a means to results I wanted to achieve a better quality of life prior to starting a family. So grateful!”
— Rachel Monette


“My hypnosis session with Ruth Anne Lundeberg was life changing for me. I had been struggling with issues involving a colleague at work, and having sleep problems as well. I met with Ruth Anne for a hypnosis session. She was very professional, courteous, kind and empathic to my concerns. I felt very comfortable through the session, and was very pleased at how well the hypnosis worked. The session gave me a fresh new look at how to handle the issue at work, which allowed me to feel more comfortable in daily interactions with the colleague. My sleep problems have also subsided due to Ruth Anne’s guidance. I can’t thank you enough Ruth Anne!”
— Mary L.


“Peacefulness in body and mind, at a deeper level than ever before, are what I am grateful to Ruth Anne for a significant shift that has nearly stopped all tension and (tooth) grinding on only the second visit. I am confident in a full recovery from these symptoms, and others, which I am already lining up to address with Ruth Anne’s expert hypnosis support. Thank you!”
— Rachel Besserman


“I found Ruth Anne as I was searching for answers which conventional treatment would and cannot offer. I was highly interested in the power of guided hypnotism and miraculously I “stumbled” upon Ruth Anne’s practice. A few sessions with Ruth Anne opened up the gates to many locked feelings and visions which lead me to the depths of realms I was ready to submerge into. I experienced multidimensional realizations and opened up to a part of me where I could finally start searching for peace. I had led a war with my own self and digging deeper was essential for me. Ruth Anne is extraordinary, wondrous and inspiring. Her presence and aura welcome peace and balance. She led me to a much craved path of self acceptance and self love.”
— Brina


“I am a certified hypnotherapist…I wish to allay your fears about hypnosis. It is not like the entertainment you see. You will not be asked to do anything you do not wish to do. I had my doubts but found hypnosis very positive and eventually you can practice self hypnosis. I would always feel safe in her presence.”
— Edward Skwira


“Ruth Anne is an attentive listener, non judgmental and soft spoken…she inspires confidence and is very capable in the hypnosis process. I value her perspective and opinion. I trust her and have experienced success overcoming some of my issues.” A. W.”
— Awilda R.


“A friend suggested hypnosis as a way to get through a complicated emotional situation. I am very independent, never needed help before and have never taken antidepressants. I googled “Hypnosis: Northampton” and Ruth Anne’s website came up. I was skeptical that anything labeled “hypnosis” could help me. Ruth Anne helped me enormously to tap into my inner strength through the visualizations of hypnosis therapy. The office atmosphere is very comfortable and calming. Ruth Anne is exceptionally intelligent and compassionate. I am and will always be full of gratitude to Ruth Anne for her insightfulness and guidance in helping me to face events and free myself of my fear of being a victim of circumstances.”
— Northampton Resident


“Ruth Anne helped me get through a very difficult time of transition. I was in graduate school, feeling overwhelmed and scared about a lot of things. I needed to feel optimistic and strong again and she helped me get back on track. With Ruth Anne’s strength and guidance, I was able to visualize positive change and feel empowered to go after it.

I felt completely safe and comfortable during sessions with Ruth Anne, and I’d always leave her feeling more confident. I highly recommend Ruth Anne to anyone who wants to work through limiting thoughts or beliefs. She’ll help you figure out what’s getting in the way of feeling happy, safe, or energized.


She showed true commitment to helping me grow by accommodating my limited financial situation and allowing sessions to run as long as necessary to work through an issue.

Since working with Ruth Anne, I finished graduate school and have continued to conquer the fears that were overwhelming me. I’m deeply thankful for this change!”
— Briana


“Hello everyone,

When I met Ruth, I was dealing with anxiety on extreme levels that my family and I couldn’t comprehend. I went to her in hopes her techniques would be able to help relieve some of the stress. And I am happier than ever to say it has! She was able to help me break things down, come to realization, and really focus on what is most important for myself. I am now beyond happy and blessed to say I am writing this message from my new home in California, where I would not have made it without a little bit of push and help from Ruth to get here. Before I met her, I could barely even imagine going out to a restaurant. She is truly an inspiring, dedicated worker and I am very thankful for all the help she had to offer.”
— Haley B


“Last fall, after multiple life changes and losses, I began experiencing extreme anxiety that interfered with my daily life. I decided to put my vulnerable little self in Ruth Anne’s hands. She was compassionate, kind and non-judgmental. I felt safe with Ruth Anne and after a handful of sessions my anxiety decreased. Since working with Ruth Anne I’ve attained goals I would not have thought possible a year ago.”
— Kelli M.


“I came to Ruth Anne when I was feeling particularly “stuck”.

There are moments in life when I can move through challenges and come out successful but there are also times when I cannot seem to find a way out. No matter which direction I turn I cannot find a resolution or peace. In this particular place, I found Ruth Anne to not only be helpful in solving my issue, she radically shifted my ability to make different empowering choices. Through gentle hypnosis I somehow gained a deeper insight I would not have had otherwise.


Her technique-powerful, disposition-loving, approach-compassionate and clarity for resolution-spot on. Since my first visit I have returned many more times each appointment met with success. She has helped open up my life in so many ways.”
— Andrea Chesnes


“I remember my first appointment with Ruth Anne more so than any other visit. I was nervous, but was put at ease. I was scared because this type of therapy was my last resort. I was lost, confused, and had recently left an abusive relationship….I was so lost that I missed the abusive relationship. When asked “what can I do for you?” all I could think was “save me.”… All I could say was ” I don’t know.”


Ruth Anne, with a calmness that was unfamiliar to me, softly led me into trance. There, I felt peace as I’d never felt before. A peace that lasted well after the session was over. For the first time in over a year I was able to see all the good in my life, all the blessings I had and most importantly, deserved to have.


Over several sessions, Ruth Anne helped me realize how important my self worth was, that happiness is a state of mind, and that I can make a conscious choice on how I react to situations. She taught me a few life skills that I was lacking which has allowed me to take responsibility for my actions. She helped me realize that I have options and choices and that there is no shame in admitting something isn’t working and changing my approach.

Not all this was done through hypnosis. Ruth Anne is a true “life coach” with obvious experience and is graceful in her delivery to her clients.
It doesn’t surprise me that the link to this testimonial is “THE ANSWER IS WITHIN YOU”. This is how Ruth Anne can help you….she will guide you to your answers within yourself as she has done for me.

Thank you Ruth Anne.
— Paula Della Bernarda


“I was feeling stuck regarding a decision about whether or not to finish a degree program I was in and felt ambiguous about. Through coaching and hypnosis, Ruth Anne assisted me to show myself that this was not actually where my anxiety and discomfort lay as I already knew what I wanted to do. The ‘issue’ or ‘sticking point’ lay with: not allowing myself to trust my own integrity and; believing I was not deserving of happiness, freedom and meaning in my life; both due to old and outdated beliefs about myself and the world.


Once I knew this, I was able to access my inner wisdom efficiently and accurately to help see what action steps to take and what my truth is, and how to speak it.

The result was a shift to a far more positive, compassionate and trusting self image which led to my following through on actions I had thought of in the past as ‘impossible’ as much as I may have desired them. And the result of that, joy, inner confidence and freedom.


I did not walk into Ruth Anne’s office expecting these results. I feel strongly now that if inner change is something you really want, this works quickly and effectively, and YOU are the one calling the shots. That’s part of what makes the change so organic and trustworthy, and a large part of where the inner confidence comes from.
Thank you!”
— Karen Henning


“I came to Ruth Anne originally for her Soul Guidance and Spiritual Counseling. I was feeling incomplete, as my kids were getting older my life was shifting away from being a mom and I wanted help figuring out what to do next. I thought I was asking for help figuring out a new career path, what I realized is that what I wanted “to do next” was to be happier. I quickly realized what I wanted had less to do with how I spent my time each day and more about discovering the truth about me.


The biggest improvement in my life since working with Ruth Anne is in my relationships. I communicate more clearly and honestly. My parenting comes from love not fear. I can recognize when my “stuff” is influencing how I am behaving, and still be gentle with myself.

Hypnosis with Ruth Anne is effective, safe and fun! It’s not scary and I never feel out-of-control. I experience very deep emotions, but she stays with me, is comforting and caring and I always feel better having done the work.”
— Kate Smith


“I am very happy with the results from our session together. I am still feeling the benefits of the work we did that helped me to let go of a traumatic experience. The recurring negative emotions that had come to be associated with those events for me were causing considerable distress and were detracting from my self-esteem and happiness. Talk therapy and other modalities I had explored seemed to reinforce the injustice and anger I felt. Whereas the technique you helped me put into place strongly diminished my previously painful associations, such that life has gotten much better, and those paths into bad feelings that had become well-worn are less traveled today.

— Jebb Remelius