Why Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy?

If you have a problem that isn’t getting solved, or a dilemma that is weighing on you, it’s likely you’ve been trying to understand why. Perhaps you’ve tried to use willpower to change your behavior. Maybe you’ve tried to change the way you feel about your situation. Maybe you’re curious or confused about the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Below you will find general information about both, and how I apply them in my work to best serve my clients. 




Though they are commonly used interchangeably, the terms hypnosis and hypnotherapy are different from each other. “Hypnosis” refers to a natural, extraordinary state of mind and body, characterized by relaxed focus. “Hypnotherapy” addresses specific problems through, in part, the highly charged state of hypnosis. 


Hypnosis was in use in Greek and Roman times. The modern field began in the 18th century. Characteristics of hypnosis include: relaxation, natural focus, flexible thinking, vivid imagination, access to memory, creativity, ability to simultaneously process multiple channels of thought, expanded perceptual awareness, feelings of wholeness/peace/bliss. 


Hypnosis is a drug-free, easy and safe mental capacity to access a supercharged state that heals and empowers mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It is radically self-empowering. Using hypnosis, you can upgrade old subconscious and limiting programming. This results in radical self-empowerment. 




Hypnotherapists believe that the key to growth and change lay in the subconscious mind, accessed through through hypnosis.



Your successful results will be determined by your readiness for change and the skill of your therapist. The more specifically your therapist addresses your your needs the better your outcome will be. 



Hypnotherapists have expert knowledge into the workings of the subconscious mind. To be truthful, no one knows how or why it works. The human mind is fantastically complex. The working model is that the subconscious mind responds to deliberate positive learning, requiring specific techniques. 


The practice of hypnotherapy is both an art and a discipline. Great hypnotherapists possess a broad repertoire of techniques, a strong sense of intuition, and thousands of hours of clinical practice.


Personally, I have been able to assist my clients with almost any problem, issue or dilemma because I have learned that deep down, all people want the same things and experience similar obstacles. 


My process is thorough and efficient. First, I lead you through a dialogue to give us both greater clarity about your life situation, your goals, and the obstacles you are facing. This is done with eyes open. Second, I guide you through an inner reflection and dialogue. This is is done with eyes closed. Third, I subtly guide you into a deeper state of relaxed focus while I speak personalized hypnotic suggestions for your subconscious learning. 



Does this make you want to try it? I offer free 15-minute consultations. I will gather some basic facts and tell you honestly if I think I can help you and how. 


Through hypnotherapy with me clients have been able to: 


● Create healthy life/work balance
● Be more comfortable during pregnancy
● Reduce stress and/or anxiety
● Address fears and phobias
● Address traumas
● Eliminate clutter, get organized
● Decide “what to do with my life”
● Increase sexual performance, intimacy, pleasure
● Improve money and finances
● Overcome procrastination
● Change unwanted or embarrassing habits
● Increase social confidence
● Recover your original life purpose
● Improve a specific relationship or all relationships
● Succeed at an important goal
● Improve school performance and/or test taking
● Get more done with less effort
● Improve body image
● Communicate clearly and confidently
● Establish a home meditation practice
● Find a new solution to a stubborn problem
● Be more positive and hopeful
● Enjoy your life a lot more
● Manage your time better
● Enjoy deep relaxation any time you choose through learning self-hypnosis
● Be more spiritually aware

Weight Loss
● Create a clear goal and action plan based on your personal profile
● Eat healthy foods
● Eat smaller portions
● Create a genuine desire for physical activity
● Tap into greater health
● Reduce stress and emotional eating triggers
● Remove specific blocks to achieving a weight loss goal.
● Clear negative feelings about any past attempts to lose weight
● Reverse the root cause of your weight gain, no matter how long ago it started
● Create and reinforce a new positive self-image for you as a healthy, slim person

Anxiety, Phobias, and/or Panic
● Collapse the “fear of fear” cycle
● Remove triggers
● Establish relaxation in your nervous system

Smoking Cessation
● Reduce stress
● Address cravings and triggers
● Create and reinforce a new positive self-image for you as a permanent non-smoker

Natural Sleep Pattern
● Recover the ability to fall asleep easily and stay asleep
● Reverse the root causes of their sleep disturbance
● Establish the daily behaviors that promote natural sleep
● Remove negative thoughts or feelings about past wakefulness
● (Before starting hypnotherapy for improving sleep, you should consult your doctor to rule out any possible organic causes.)

Overcoming Procrastination
● Isolate problem triggers
● Establish positive habits of success
● Remove specific negative beliefs from the subconscious mind

Natal Regression Therapy
(Fetuses and Babies are conscious and aware during pregnancy and birth. These experiences create extremely powerful conditioning. The beliefs and expectations adopted during this time set the template for our overall experience of life, ourselves, and other people.)
● Recover the most significant events from before conception through the first days after birth
● Gain detailed insight into your most impactful negative experiences and their resultant conditioning
● Use powerful techniques to re-script and reverse that conditioning
● Uncover and reinforce your personal positive experiences and conditioning

Past Life Regression Therapy
For those individuals who feel comfortable with a multiple-life paradigm, past life regression therapy is the most powerful tool for change. It is recommended that individuals have some familiarity with reincarnation philosophy.