Most frequent questions from thousands of consultations:

What is your success rate? Outrageously high.

How does all this work? It works extremely well! Ok, seriously: Here are 30 things to know: 

What happens in a session? I ask you questions, you answer them; I guide you to imagine different scenarios; I say positive things to your subconscious mind while you enjoy being in a natural healing state of hypnotic relaxation.
Is the consultation required? Yes.

What about confidentiality? Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

Will I be in a group? No. I offer exclusive, one-on-one sessions, fully customized to your needs.

I’m very intellectual. Great! So am I so we will get along just fine. 

I’m a very skeptical person. See above.

Will I give up control? No. You remain in control the whole time

 I have never been hypnotized. You are being passively hypnotized all the time—by TV, social media, movies, books, driving, nature, music, whatever is absorbing to your mind. You’ve never been hypnotized with my help. That will be a radically empowering for you.

Can hypnosis help me with…? I can’t speak for any other hypnotherapist, but I will tell you straight up if I can help you. 

The only thing I know about hypnosis is from that show I saw in high school, where the guy… No comment. 

My problem’s really weird. Try me. Consultation.

How long does a session take? Initial sessions are usually two hours. Subsequent sessions, one hour.

Can I try a one hour session and see how it goes? That would be a waste of time and money. My work is thorough and takes time. There’s a minimum commitment of 3 hours total.

How many sessions will I need? Expect good results with 2 or 3 sessions.

What happens after a session?  Will I be ok to work or drive? Yes, you will leave alert and refreshed.

I’m concerned I might not be hypnotizable. Hypnosis is not a trick, it’s a capability that we all have. I work with your mind to assist you to access hypnosis in the most natural way for you.

Can I bring someone with me into the session to watch? No. Just…no.

Can you do two people at one time? See above.

Can I pay you later, when I get the money? Again, see above.

Can I bring my pet? Sorry, no can do.

Where is your office?  I’m conveniently located very near Main Street at 71 King Street, Middle Building, suite 3, Northampton, MA.

Is it covered by insurance? Insurance companies can’t pay me directly, but many plans reimburse clients. Ask your carrier.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee? No. Success in hypnotherapy is dependent on many factors outside my control. 

What are the obstacles to success? Some of the insurmountable obstacles I have encountered that are the cause of failure are: the client isn’t feeling well; they withhold important information; they are in a highly anxious state; they are psychotic; they don’t really want the stated outcome; they are hostile to me; they are cognitively impaired; their expectations are different from what they told me in their consultation; they can’t hear me due to hearing loss; they will not follow my instructions; they’ve been pressured by a friend or family member.

I don’t have anything to work on, I just want to see if I can be hypnotized. I can’t help you.

What’s your cancellation policy? More lenient than it should be. Up until the night before, no problem. Please don’t stand me up. I only get paid when I see clients. I can only do this work a limited number of times each week because it requires so much energy and concentration from me. If you stand me up, I will consider that a a theft of my time and will never, ever be willing to work with you in the future. Aside from that, emergencies happen, things get out of control. Do your best to show up. If you really can’t make it, have the courtesy to call or text. 

Do you record the session? No. What happens in a session, stays in a session. Confidentiality is paramount. In some cases, depending upon need, I will make a separate recording for a client to use at home. Most of the time that’s not necessary.

What will it cost? My rate is $175/hour with a minimum of three hours.

Arizona, 2017, copyright Ruth Anne Lundeberg

Artwork, photographs, copy and design by
Ruth Anne Lundeberg