Who Is Ruth Anne?

Who Is Ruth Anne?

Two things that really set me apart from other hypnotherapists are: 1) WHO* I studied with and 2) that I have been a traditional yoga practitioner for 30 years, and professional full-time yoga teacher for over 23 years. Together these two traits help me to be exceptionally effective in addressing a large variety of issues and goals in hypnosis. I am thoroughly comfortable with–and confident in –my ability to assist people go into the power of their own mind as deeply and profoundly as they themselves feel ready to go. I actually TEACH people about their own mind; how it works; and how to make it work in their favor. I help people discover abilities and awarenesses that they formerly couldn’t even imagine.  Working with me is an accelerating learning and growth experience.& Even the first session often results in life-changing breakthroughs.

*I am a student of Tim Simmerman-Sierra, director of the Hypnotherapy Academy of America since 1995. Tim is one of the foremost hypnotherapy teachers in the world. He is at the forefront of the Clinical Hypnotherapy movement in the US. He is Chair of the International Board of Hypnotherapy and former Chair of American Council of Hypnotherapist Examiners.

*I am ONGOING student of Patrick Singleton, who is a groundbreaking NLP practitioner/teacher who is at the forefront of developing advanced applications of NLP in hypnosis. Mr. Singleton is a former instructor at the Hypnotherapy Academy with many years teaching and clinical experience. He continues to instruct hypnotherapists in Santa Fe and around the US.

In addition I am the original founder Nirvana Yoga, which operates two successful yoga studios in the Pioneer Valley. I train yoga students and yoga teachers a vareiety of styles of yoga, especially the spiritual and consciousness-expanding aspects of yoga. I still teach weekly classes, provide ongoing training for my staff teachers, give lectures on a wide variety of topics related to yoga and consciousness, teach workshops in spiritual yoga practices, and lead retreats nationally and internationally.


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